There’s no substitute for brains

That’s from my father. It’s a comment oft heard, if you hang around him enough.

Had I been with him tonight, I imagine he would have gruffly stated something to this end when the latest in the Ricky Nixon poor-judgment series broke. 

This time he’s spat out at an Age journalist who wrote something he didn’t like. He did the immature thing: bullied her on his public (yes, public) Facebook page and then tweeted inferring she didn’t know what she was doing.

To this end, Suzanne Carbone gained much of her information from Nixon’s own website.

He then called on the eternally blonde Dermott “respect for women” Brereton (is that even how you spell his name?), who weighed in on the discussion.

My only comfort in this deplorable, sexist, misogynistic and outright bullying event, is that once again these gents have been publicly exposed to have appalling judgment, hollow values and overriding ego.

I just wish public sentiment was reflected in industry support. Wouldn’t it be nice if Brereton was dropped – permanently – from Fox Sports?

Kyle Sandilands finally ran out of luck. These two can’t have much left.


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