My Day: Monday

Well, it’s been something like a while between drinks for me and this blog. And this admission comes too soon after a public profession to blog more often.

It was daily, I said I’d blog daily.

Regardless of all this and that and because I’ve done anything but drop lines upon this page,  here goes (using dot points for greater ease):

  • It’s Monday and I attended bikram this evening. It was a rather empty class, particularly for a Monday. I’m really pleased with where I’m at with the triangle pose. I’m less pleased with my balancing ability and feel it’s linked to the lack of symmetry I’m detecting in my back.
  • I spent most of the evening left completing mundane jobs. Annoying jobs. Like washing and egg boiling and writing a note to my Great Love. It reads something similar to this: S*@$t, I am getting really tired of your messy habits and inability to clean up after yourself. Can you please start cleaning up after yourself? While you are at it, you can clean the b’room, toilet and shower for the first time since we moved here. I should not have to ask and you should not expect me to do this for you.
  • And he shouldn’t.
  • I have kept up my photo taking goal. Enthusiasm is varying, but photos are compiling.
  • I hunted for a wedding dress for March 17 wedding. Bettina Liano and a blue silk number were all I found.
  • I am very keen to watch another episode of True Blood.
  • I’m not going to though.
  • He’s home. I’m off.

Good night. More tomorrow.



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