Some cool things to know

1. Geena Davis is a feminist.

She has set up the Geena Davis Institute on Gender. She regularly discussed female representation in the entertainment industry.

In yesterday’s mail-out, she shared this: women represented just 5 per cent of Hollywood directors in 2011 – a drop of 2pc from the previous year. But, progress is happening.

2. She also highlighted the Athena Film Festival which opens next weekend, in New York. It celebrates women film-makers. It consists of screenings, awards, parties – all with a fabulously feminist slant. Accolades will go to women from a group of women in Hollywood known as “the Fempire”. Diablo Cody, Dana Fox, Liz Meriwether and Lorene Scafaria – they’re all members.

3. Melissa Silverstein, co-founder of the Athena festival, and the woman behind Women and Hollywood blog, the four women’s award will include the words: “For their creativity and their sisterhood.”

4. The Guardian reports, that while their talent is without doubt, what is exciting about the Fempire, is their “self-conscious decision… to promote themselves in solidarity with other women” that differentiates them in an industry dominated by men.

Silverstein adds: “There is a mythology that women can’t be friends with each other because they have to compete for jobs. We have to get beyond that.”


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