New February Resolutions

It’s never too late to kick-start a revolution resolution, so here goes:

  • Take pictures. I don’t have an impressive camera and it seems to me that just like when I went to the snow and realised there was fashion to be achieved on the slopes, there is a similar thing for the camera. Mine is digital, but only just. It will do. I’m going to start taking pictures. First I need to find it and I presume charge it, or figure out how to transfer pictures to the computer and then I’m going to use it. This can be tomorrow’s job.
  • As always, and always and forever – be better to my GL. He is as good as it gets and because he thinks this way of me, it’s high time I tried living up to it.
  • Go home more.
  • Ring my brother. Just because.
  • Travel.
  • Write here every day. I hope.
  • Make more time for friends.
  • Dance.
  • Explore feminism. Because it interests me.
  • Paint something.
  • Learn to skateboard; learn to snowboard.
  • Beat GL at something. That isn’t mini golf.

This will do. It’s time for True Blood.



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