It’s Almost Here

Two years now, February, I’ve trudged in sweaty heat, the length of The Tan, Church Street bridge to the Bowl. Wine in hand, forgotten bottle opener, not in hand, wheeling bike and crushing baguette.

I’ve roped in friends who’ve whinged about the difficult parking, length of walk, or a flat bike tyre needing fixing. I tell them with abandon “do it tomorrow” and “bring the roast pumpkin dip, you know the one, with the nuts”.

We meet at the park and we head in the gates, not far, because we’re always late and it’s always full. We set ourselves in the back row, borrow a bottle opener and try and find our cups. We didn’t bring them? We borrow one from a neighbour and drink from the bottle.

We eat, we chat, we finish bottles and all the while, a wave of orchestral music, free and for the people thanks to Melbourne Symphone Orchestra and Uni of Melb, sets a beautiful scene. Visit here for dates.

It’s one of the more fabulous things to do in Melbourne. And it’s free. And it’s perfect.




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