George Clooney and leading ladies

There are a lot of things to enjoy about George Clooney, not least he’s begun dating a former pro-wrestler.

He recently made some comments which made me like him even more.

“There’s this strange thing that’s happened over the last 25 or 30 years where there’s this decision being made that women aren’t able to carry the box office,” George told Entertainment Weekly.

“Now, Bridesmaids has proved that to be bullsh*t, and ‘The Help’ has proven it to be bullsh*t. But it’s much harder to get a film with a woman lead made. When a man hits 40 is when roles just begin to happen. And for women it doesn’t happen. I find that to be a very concerning issue.”

He backs up his comments with a nod to the bottom line: both films mentioned reaped huge returns at the box office.

It’s really nice to hear these thoughts which team his disbelief at blatant sexism, with the defence of clear financial incentive. Well said.

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