Courageous? I just choked

Glamour’s woman of the year has been named. And the winner, well, it shouldn’t have surprised me, but it certainly did: Jennifer Lopez.

The title – Glamour Woman of the Year 2011 – recognises a courageous woman. Courageous. Glamour named Jennifer Lopez.

Sure, the event is held by a magazine celebrating all things glamorous and probably no things regular, and it is just an excuse to haul in a number of celebrities, roll out the red carpet and pop chamagne corks, while promoting brand Glamour magazine. But, J-freakin-LO? Honestly.

This is what Glamour had to say: “In one year, Jennifer Lopez has managed to go from superstar to megastar to ultimate-supreme-giganto star, all thanks to a little thing called American Idol (oh, and her new album, Love?, and her new clothing line for Kohl’s and, yes, even her very public split from Marc Anthony). Former neighbors from the Bronx must have seen this coming when they nicknamed her The Supernova as a child.”

They call out her green Versace dress, her fragrances and the fact she had kids. Lovely, good for her, but courageous?

More deserving women, but perhaps less saleable, were also called out, including Gloria Steinem, Withelma Ortiz-Macey and Arianna Huffington.

While J.Lo may have been given the prime accolade, I think it pays to investigate further and read about the ladies directly above, who have a story with more depth, and plenty of courage.


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