Fancy a swim?

Dita von Teese on sexy: “Being sexy is not about what men want, or how young you are or how your body looks or howm uch money you have, it’s a certain inner confidence, a comfort level when you’ve learned something about yourself….”

”This is what my female fan-base discovers, that you don’t have to be skinny-skinny to be sexy, you don’t have to be born with it, you can get in the spirit of what I’m on about with a radical game of dress-ups. Set your hair in curlers, put on some red lipstick … see what it’s like to feel unique.”

I like this.

When it all boils down to the dregs in her martini glass, von Teese, strips. She does it provocatively, sure, with classy tassles and immovable hair, but a strip it still is.

Women though, are her primary audience. Her look, not traditionally stripper, more cold, ice beauty and classic than your regular-Jane Spearmint Rhino staff member, appeals to the female sex. Her interpretation of sexy, as opposed to the FHM kind, is clearly more palatable to women.

”I don’t fit into most of the modern stereotypes of what beauty is. ”

Why then, are we over-indulged with the same dish – blonde, brown, blue-eyed and long-limbed?

Von Teese is surely a lady after my heart; she is interested in, “eccentric women, women that dare to be different; powerful, strong and unique women”.


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