Mr Gawenda says this in a way so many can’t, so well

Michael Gawenda is amazing. He amazed me first when he was US correspondent for The Age and I used to lick up the poetry off his page. Now he amazes on a far less frequent basis because I so infrequently stumble across his musings.

Here, he says it all, so freaking well:

“Here’s the thing about the Bolt saga. Bolt’s columns should never have been published and I do not think Bolt or the Herald Sun can justify their publication, essentially because they were riddled with inaccuracies. Commentary doesn’t have to be “balanced” or even “fair” but it has to be factually accurate. Commentary, even for a polemicist like Bolt, can’t be a piece of fiction. What’s more, I believe the editors of the Herald Sun should have pulled the columns because they were nasty and badly argued. To have done so was their right. And they should have done so even if Bolt, as a consequence, would have painted himself a martyr to free speech — strange how these free speech martyrs more often than not have the loudest megaphones and huge audiences.”

Read it for yourself here.


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