Kiwi-a-not-so-go-go for Tindall

Tindall’s Kiwi misdemeanours are incredibly disappointing for a number of reasons:

1. He wed Zara in July

2. She’s the Queen’s granddaughter

3. The Queen attended her wedding

4. Zara can ride a horse

5. He’s pictured in all the shots with his team mates around him, altogether, one big happy family

6. Those team mates would know Zara

It’s this very last point which has me quite appalled: their team MATE is intoxicated, can barely shift from his seat, and is getting kissed and fondled by a blonde who isn’t his wife. Why didn’t one of them pack his hulking and now-oh-so-sorry-arse into a taxi and hot toe him home? Despite being friends with Zara, no doubt holding conversations and maybe sharing jokes, none of them had any respect for her – least of all her husband – when he was very clearly misbehaving. It must be fairly upsetting for Zara, whose wedding gown is probably still with the dry cleaner, to realise people she perhaps considers friends, have shown her no loyalty.


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